Security & Surveillance Systems

We deploy Surveillance systems based on both Analogue and IP networks

Our security and surveillance system allow our clients to monitor their operations from any location across the globe. With a one touch facility, you can supervise your projects worldwide. Our offerings include surveillance cameras catering all requirements like day / night vision, analog and IP, PTZ and all weather cameras.

Due to our intense focus on connectivity and non-obstacled communication, our systems allow our client to view their desired project or on-site operations on their laptop/PDA.

We partner JVC & CNB to meet the most critical Security & Surveillance needs of our customers.

We also provide Perimeter security systems, Under-vehicle scanners.

Security Systems:

  • Burglar Alarm
  • Security System Commercial
  • Access Control System Repair & Service
  • Access Control System Bio Metric Based
  • Attendance Recording System Biometric
  • CCTV Installation Services
  • Fire Alarm System Automatic
  • Fire Alarm System Electronic
  • CCTV Camera Repair & Service
  • Alarm System Burglar
  • Door Phone Video
  • CCTV Repairs & Services
  • CCTV Video Recorder
  • CCTV Accessory
  • CCTV Video Recorder Digital Repair & Service
  • Access Control System
  • Attendance Recording System Biometric Based
  • Scanning Finger Print
  • Detector Smoke
  • CCTV Monitor
  • Alarm System Intruder Repair & Service
  • CCTV Video Recorder Digital
  • Alarm System Intruder
  • Door Phone Audio

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